The SLASH'EM server on Pallas

This server is being moved. More info on that here

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|What's this?|
Welcome to the SLASH'EM public gameserver on Pallas. Here you can play SLASH'EM and mess your powers with other players. An IRC bot called Pallas announces the deaths, quits and ascensions (HAHA) in the channel #slashem on the Freenode IRC Network.
There are actually five independent playgrounds installed on this server. Of those five, three contain versions of SLASH'EM: one “vanilla SLASH'EM,” one containing patches considered BETA that we consier fun to play, one of the latest pre-release (SLASH'EM 0.0.8). In addition, Slash'EM Extended and NetHack Brass are also hosted on this server.

You too can be part of SLASH'EM@Pallas. Just use your favorite SSH client on ssh:// with the following username/password combination:
Username: slashem
Password: slashem
You will be greeted with the following screen:

 ## dgamelaunch - network console game launcher
 ## version
 ## Welcome to blindcoders SLASH'EM server. Someone asked for it on
 ## irc:// and here it is
 ## ** Games on this server are recorded for in-progress viewing and playback!

 Not logged in.

 l) Login
 r) Register new user
 w) Watch games in progress
 q) Quit

Select 'r' to register as a new user:
 Welcome new user. Please enter a username.
 Only characters and numbers are allowed, with no spaces.
 20 character max.

Select a username for you and press enter:
 Please enter a password. Remember that this is sent over the net
 in plaintext, so make it something new and expect it to be relatively
 20 character max. No ':' characters. Blank line to abort.


 And again:
You must now enter your password twice:
 Please enter your email address.
 This is sent _nowhere_ but will be used if you ask the sysadmin for lost
 password help. Please use a correct one. It only benefits you.
 80 character max. No ':' characters. Blank line aborts.

The mailaddress is used if you forget your password. A new one will be sent to this address.

You can configure your SLASH'EM game with the dgamelaunch-integrated editor.